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There’s only one reason you’ve arrived at this page, and that is to quench your curiosity for the best in barbecue, rotisserie and outdoor grilling.

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Even if you’re not an outdoor cooking fanatic, like us, you will be compelled to fire up the grill after exploring what we have in store! From the best in barbeque recipes, grilling accessories, buyer’s guides, smokers and BBQ grills on the planet, we serve you with everything you need to know about getting your feet wet with outdoor cooking and exploring your barbecue beyond the traditional pitmaster low and slow 225° temperatures!

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious barbecue. It is the source of all true art and science” – Albert Einstein

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Butchers-Cuts-Beef-distressedAsk almost anyone in the Carolinas, and they will tell you that beef brisket has a slot in the barbecue pantheon, while few barbecue lovers from Memphis will concede that their city’s famous style of BBQ is unequivocally unmatched, and Kansas City foodies believe the exact same thing! Despite these regional contrasts, and no matter how you feel about these particular places and regional differences, the one thing we can tell you, and hopefully you’d agree, is that the best barbeque does not exist in any restaurant! Call this an oddity or some sort, but this is what truly defines American barbeque cooking.

If you’re craving tantalizing haute French cuisine, you will arguably find it in Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas or a Michelin 3-Star gastronomic temple in Côte d’Azur. But unlike the finest Italian Fare that is undoubtedly served in restaurants in Milan, Modena, Rome, Cortona and Florence in Italy, the best barbeque is not conceived in any restaurants or cosmopolitan diners, but could come from a school teacher, janitor, retired doctor or someone such as you!

There are however a few local pitmasters who’ve honed their outdoor cooking skills, but there are many more who still confuse the word “barbeque” with the less appealing word “cremation” and some who simply fail to do justice even to a humble Chuck Eye Steak. But SmokeTurnGrill is here to help you master the art of barbecue, and learn tricks to amaze your friends and confound your enemies, while possibly tantalizing and/or infuriating your neighbors.

And since you’ve read this far, spending a few more minutes to explore a bit further will unfold some the best kept secrets of outdoor grilling, and prepare for some serious griller warfare. Outdoor grilling, we’d like to think, is a national pursuit, one that drives man or men rather to take control of fierce, gas or charcoal powered outdoor grills, only with mixed results. This website although inspired by pork ribs is much more than that, and encompasses wood, charcoal and food safety, the thermodynamics of cooking, the best barbeque grills and even side dishes! So before you aspire to make the best barbeque on the block or at least claim you do, strap on an apron and let us show you how it’s really done!

Myths Debunked

BBQ PhotoWhat if we told you that searing that pork chop doesn’t preserve the juices? Or better yet that mayonnaise is a surge of bacteria waiting to ruin your cookout! Just like any other area of cooking, barbequing has garnered its fair share of myths, and at SmokeTurnGrill, we aim to debunk some of these myths even if your mama told you any different!

MYTH #1: Searing locks in Juices – It sounds reasonable, but is it true? Will cooking the surface of the steak hot and fast lock in the juices? Fact is that the moisture in pork chops or any other meat for that matter is not floating around like in a hot air balloon, but is located inside the individual cells. When heated from the bottom, these cells contract the draining juices causing the meat to dry. So the more the meat is cooked the dyer it will get, but won’t affect its moisture. What searing will do is caramelize is, that is brown the surface, which affects its sugars and amino acids only to give it that sweet rich flavor. So don’t sear for the juices, sear for the flavor!

MYTH #2: Salting the meat before cooking dries it – If you’ve tasted salted meat such as pork, then you know the level of dryness we’re referring to. This is one of those things your mama probably told you, and actually was the preferred way of preserving foods before the days of refrigeration that is. But fact is that salting a raw sirloin will only make it taste better when it is cooked so salt away without worrying about drying.

MYTH #3: Forking meat dries it out – Another common myth with regards to drying out meat is that poking it prior to cooking will cause the juices to drain out and consequently dry. This would be true if like mentioned above, the meat was like a water balloon that would release the water when poked. Meat however consists of a ton of water balloons or cells, so a fork piercing into it will definitely damage some of them, but not enough to affect the moisture level of the meat.

Checklist for First Time and Seasoned Grillers

BBQ-King1. Make sure your grill is clean and well lubricated
2. Get the rotisserie, grill or barbecue screaming hot before throwing the meat
3. Don’t cook frozen or old meat
4. Cook on the coals
5. If you don’t have a meat thermometer, use the four finger concept to check if meat is cooked as desired

Delight your friends, family and neighbors at your next cookout by serving up our best outdoor grilling recipes including brisket, ribs, smoked salmon and lots more. Great meals are born in the great outdoors, and just about anything on an outdoor grill, rotisserie or barbecue so let us help you explore the bond between meat and fire.

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