GrillPro Universal Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit Review


Have you already got a BBQ grill at home and are looking to expand your outdoor cooking equipment range?

If so, why not give the GrillPro Universal Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit for Grills a go? As its name suggests, the GrillPro Rotisserie grill is compatible with all sorts of grills. Regardless of whether you own a Weber grill, a Grillmaster grill, or perhaps a CharBroil product, you can be sure that this rotisserie kit can be used with it. It’s a highly convenient and great add on at an attractive price. Continue reading

SpitJack XB50 Lamb, Pig, & Goat Spit Rotisserie Review


Rotisserie cooking is traditionally a daunting task only undertaken by a select few due to the complexity of handling large and uneven cuts of meat.

But things have now changed thanks to SpitJack. Helmed by experienced chef and restaurateur Bruce Frankel, SpitJack has come up with a line of efficient, safe and yet affordable rotisseries. These make the challenging task of rotisserie cooking become nothing more than an effortless and enjoyable experience, even for those who have no prior experience with rotisserie cooking.

Safety and quality all in one affordable package

Spit rotisseries usually pose significant danger to inexperienced users since it involves the handling of a relatively large open flame. However, this SpitJack XB50 Lamb, Pig, & Goat Spit Rotisserie greatly reduces that danger level since the entire Moroccan-made structure is sturdy and dependable.

For starters, the strong 40W motor is equipped to easily handle up to 55 lbs of balanced load, so you won’t have to worry about a large cut of meat causing the spit to topple over. There is also an impressive 57.5 inches of usable spit length. As such, this rotisserie system has become the most economical way to spit roast a whole range of meats, ranging from large cuts of meat to medium weight whole animals.

The SpitJack XB50 is also made up of superior materials, with every part of the structure that touches the food being made of 304 stainless steel. This makes the spit rotisserie both durable and safe for food.

With the impressive sturdiness and safety offered by the SpitJack XB50 Rotisserie system, it becomes perfectly safe for home use, and is ideal for patios, lawns and gardens.

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A straightforward rotisserie cooking experience

Apart from offering heightened safety, the SpitJack rotisserie also makes your rotisserie cooking experience a breeze. It is both easy to set up and use. While some other rotisserie systems may require a specific fuel sources, the SpitJack system is designed to be able to utilize a range of fuel sources such as charcoal or logs.

This rotisserie system is designed for use on the ground, over an open fire. This easy set up makes it ideal for anyone, from professional rotisserie cooking caterers to someone who is simply looking for a pig rotisserie system to use for a family weekend cookout in the backyard. The adjustable spit height, ranging from 8 inches to 22 inches, enables this spit rotisserie to be able to meet a variety of rotisserie cooking needs. It can also be plugged into any household outlet, with the additional option of running off your car battery. This is extremely useful for those of you who want to use it in tailgating parties or while camping out in the open.

SpitJack goes a step further by offering a one year limited warranty on parts, and various other value added services such as a consultative approach. They welcome customers to contact them if they have any enquiries regarding the use of the product. This can be incredibly useful for beginner rotisserie cooks.

Transportation and storage is a breeze

Unless you live in an enormous house, finding storage space for a rotisserie spit may pose a problem. However, SpitJack has solved your problems by making their spit rotisserie systems easy to take apart and reassemble, so you won’t have any issues with storing or transporting it. It essentially becomes just two adjustable metal legs, a spit and a motor. The longer spits can also come apart into two pieces, adding to the convenience provided.

Even if you do not want to take it apart, this spit rotisserie has a base footprint of a mere 21 inches by 14.5 inches, so it should not be that difficult to find some space for it. In fact, being a mid-sized model the entire SpitJack XB50 unit is small enough to fit into the trunk of a car since the entire structure is only 72 x 12 x 26 inches.

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Other features that give the SpitJack Rotisserie an edge

As if all the aforementioned features were not enough, the SpitJack rotisserie has a bunch of other features that give it an additional edge over its peers. For starters, this spit rotisserie is equipped to work with a variety of trussing hardware. In fact, the average SpitJack rotisserie comes free with a special trussing hardware package that is compatible with the SpitJack rotisserie. This typically includes two heavy duty, stainless steel spit forks, a stainless trussing U-bolt, trussing needle sets, meat handling gloves, dual sensor thermometers and many more.

By all means, you can try browsing other rotisserie reviews but you know that you will end up coming back to the SpitJack XB50 Rotisserie system anyway because there just isn’t anything else that can match up to it in terms of value for money.