GrillPro Universal Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit Review


Have you already got a BBQ grill at home and are looking to expand your outdoor cooking equipment range?

If so, why not give the GrillPro Universal Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit for Grills a go? As its name suggests, the GrillPro Rotisserie grill is compatible with all sorts of grills. Regardless of whether you own a Weber grill, a Grillmaster grill, or perhaps a CharBroil product, you can be sure that this rotisserie kit can be used with it. It’s a highly convenient and great add on at an attractive price.

Sturdy and reliable rotisserie grill

When you purchase the GrillPro Rotisserie Kit, you can be assured that you are getting the best rotisserie available on the market. The 31-inch chrome plated spit rod is heavy duty and durable, and has a 6 inch extension option. It attaches securely to your grill, eliminating any chance of it being knocked over. However, functionality is definitely not compromised.

The rotisserie grill easily turns a full 360 degrees, and even has a feature that changes the direction of rotation from clockwise to counter clockwise and vice versa when you switch the unit off and back on again. It also has a counter balance kit, which is ideal for those of you who want to cook heavier or uneven-sized roasts. The rotisserie grill has a decent rotation speed, turning at about 2.3 rpm when there is no load.

Apart from the spit rod and counter balance kit, the GrillPro Rotisserie Kit also comes with heavy duty forks. These are well-made and durable, with four prongs each. What else can one ask for, when you can get quality and reliability all in an extremely affordable package?

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Incredible simplicity and convenience

Are you new to rotisserie grilling? If your answer is yes, then you are probably worried about having to figure out how it works. In that case, the GrillPro Rotisserie Kit is perfect for you and is one of our favorite choices for universal rotisserie grilling. Despite being sturdy and extremely functional, the kit is reliably easy to assemble and use. The motor simply slides into the mount, and it is also easy to slide back out for storage. It is easy to handle, weighing a light 3.9 pounds and measuring just 3.5 x 4.5 x 31.2 inches.

The motor also comes with a longer than average power cord, measuring about 3 feet. If you happen to need extra distance, you can simply use an extension cord. As for the operation of the motor, the folks at GrillPro have made it incredibly easy as all you need to do is flick the switch on or off.  These features, coupled with the extra implements such as the forks and counter balance kit, contribute to the appeal of this rotisserie kit as an ideal starter kit, or simply as a go-to kit for rotisserie cooks of all experience levels.

One fantastic thing about the motor of this rotisserie kit is that it is amazingly silent despite its being wonderfully powerful. You won’t have to put up with a blaring noise whilst waiting for your food to be done. The only sound this motor produces, if any, is just a steady low hum. In fact, many previous customers have said that the motor is so silent, you won’t even know its running! This makes it great for a relaxing family cookout in the backyard.

Unrivaled universality, compatible with many grills

With all that said, the convenience offered by this product simply cannot be overemphasized. The rotisserie grill not only comes with universal brackets, but also with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) brackets for products such as Broil Mate, Sterling, GrillPro and Broil King grills. The mounting brackets also allow for a range of distances between your grill’s mounting holes. You can also easily adjust its height since there are multiple sets of mounting holes, each at various heights.< One of the benefits of having a rotisserie kit with universal brackets is that you won’t have to get a new rotisserie kit in the event that you decide to change your BBQ grill. This is because this rotisserie unit will still be able to adjust to your new grill. As if that were not enough, the durability and quality of this rotisserie unit ensure that you will be able to continue using it for a long time to come, giving you extra value for money.

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