Meco Deluxe Electric Grill Review

From the long established and leading innovator of electric grills comes the Meco Deluxe Electric Grill.

It’s another quality Meco product that has garnered a ton of positive electric grill reviews. Available at a very affordable price, the Meco Deluxe is an outstanding electric grill that boasts a host of handy features to meet any needs you may have, precisely the reason we like the Meco grill the most among all electric options.

Expectations for the Meco Electric Grill 

Aside from being easy to assemble and take apart, the Meco grill is easy to start up. Unlike traditional charcoal or wood chip grills, this Meco grill heats up fast, massively cutting down the amount of time you would otherwise need to spend on starting up the grill.

Now, imagine that you and your family have just enjoyed a scrumptious BBQ grilled meal. You would normally have to spend a whole lot of time and energy scrubbing down your greasy BBQ grill. It’s a complete hassle and a waste of time. But with the Meco version, you will no longer face such problems. Its plastic sides allow for an easy wipe down after use, and the removable grease cup catches the grease cleanly. The grill is also easily removed to facilitate cleaning. In addition, you don’t have to spend time waiting for coals to die out or cool down since the Meco grill is powered electrically.

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Enjoy an authentic smoky flavor

meco deluxe electric grillFor those of you who are tired of having to clean up charcoal ash, or who are worried about high propane costs and danger, the Meco Deluxe Electric Grill is definitely ideal for you. You no longer have to run down to the store and spend a good deal of money stocking up on lava rocks, ceramic briquettes, or propane cans. Instead, all you need to power the Meco grill is any standard household plug, and you will have up to an impressive 1500 watts of grilling action.

Another advantage of a Meco electric grill is that the heat is evenly distributed, and there are no occurrences of flare ups. This makes it much easier for anyone to whip up a well-cooked meal without charred bits, a common problem that comes with the traditional BBQ grill. At this point you may be wondering if the electric-powered grill compromises on the quality of the food cooked.

Fret not, for the Meco Deluxe still enables you to get the smoky BBQ taste due to the built in special reflector pan that creates smoky vapors, allowing your food to be infused with maximum taste. As such, the grill still delivers delicious food and smoky goodness, but without the traditional dangers and hassles associated with the charcoal and gas powered grills. This makes it ideal for indoor use since there are no fire hazards or gas odours. It can also be used for decks, patios, or other outdoor kitchen areas.

Impressive safety features

Aside from the superior safety due to the absence of an open flame, the Meco also offers enhanced safety through several additional impressive features. There is a conveniently built-in safe, UL and CUL heating element indicator light so that you can always tell at a glance whether your grill is on or off.  In addition, the grill itself is mounted on a sturdy cart that prevents it from being knocked over easily. This is perfect for those of you who have large pets or young children. The Meco grill also features a high temperature glass viewing window that allows its users to avoid injuries from oil spatter. At the same time the glass window still enables users to keep an eye on their food to make sure that it is not over cooked.

Additional features for even greater convenience

It’s not far fetched to say this Meco is the best electric grill available in that class, and comes in a convenient size that is large enough for a family cookout, but is still not too bulky. Weighing in at just 37 pounds, it also features large wheels for easy transportation. The Meco grill has 200 square inches of cooking surface that offers dual-zone grid adjustments. This is perfect if you and your friends or family have different food preferences as you can easily cook rare and well-done cuts of meat simultaneously. This is definitely a handy feature that is not available with a traditional charcoal powered BBQ grill.

The Meco Deluxe Electric Grill has two convenient side trays with molded recesses that can hold your condiments. A sturdy lower wire shelf is also present for added convenience.  As if all that were not enough, for those who want extra options this Meco grill can be fitted with an optional rotisserie that can be purchased separately.

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