OneGrill Heavy Duty Universal Rotisserie Kit Review

one grill reviewHave you been struggling to find enough storage space for all your outdoor cooking equipment?

Are you perhaps looking for something versatile and affordable, yet of a high enough quality to produce a succulent cut of meat? If that’s the case, then you can quit trawling through tons of BBQ grill or smoker reviews, because the OneGrill Heavy Duty Universal Rotisserie Kit is certainly reliable and well built.

Uncontested universality and convenience

Picture this: a rotisserie kit that can be brought anywhere, and attached to any BBQ grill, regardless of brand, model, or even size. Sounds unbelievable, right? But it does, in fact, exist.

With a considerable number of years of experience under their belts, the folks at OneGrill have developed product after product, giving their customers nothing but the best. And the OneGrill Universal Rotisserie Kit is no different from their usual top notch products. Its universality is unrivaled and brings to its users the highest level of convenience imaginable.

This universal rotisserie has a 3 piece bracket set that causes it to be easily attachable to any BBQ grill. It is adjustable and versatile. This makes it especially ideal for those of you who want to reduce the clutter around the house. You no longer have to make room for a large and bulky rotisserie cooker. Instead, you can simply detach this reasonably-sized rotisserie from your BBQ grill for convenient storage.

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Portable quality, on the go

one grillNow you’re probably thinking “if this rotisserie kit is so flexible and adjustable, it probably isn’t very sturdy or reliable”. That’s a perfectly valid concern, but you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the OneGrill rotisserie kit. With this top notch rotisserie, the flexibility and simplicity does not in any way compromise the quality. It has achieved the perfect balance between convenience and quality. Even though it is lightweight enough to be portable, it is still able to handle large cuts of meat masterfully.

For instance, imagine that you want to cook a large 20 lb turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. How would you go about finding a way to cook a large, unbalanced chunk of meat like that? The OneGrill rotisserie, that’s how! This rotisserie features a unique counter balance system and anti-backlash gear train which was designed for such situations, so you can be sure that you won’t have a problem handling unbalanced loads on this electric rotisserie. The heavy duty ½” chrome steel spit rod and heavy gauge 4 prong spit fork set also equip the rotisserie to be able to easily and smoothly handle heavy loads.

Other features that make it a great buy

The amazing durability of this rotisserie kit is another great reason for you to get it. Most of the kit is made up of chrome steel, which ensures that it will last for many years to come. Even the motor has a stainless steel weather resistant housing, so you can leave it out in the open without having to worry that it will rust or be damaged due to adverse weather conditions.onegrill bracket
Another thing that makes this the best rotisserie kit is its superb motor. Internal gear reduction allows you to have formidable power at your fingertips and yet not have to suffer noise pollution that is typical of motors with this amount of power. The motor is so silent that you can sit back and relax while your meal is in progress.

The OneGrill rotisserie kit is also perfect for those of you who aren’t too familiar with the art of rotisserie cooking. Apart from coming with a whole range of useful accessories, the OneGrill rotisserie kit also comes with assembly instructions that are incredibly easy to follow. In fact, the entire installation process itself is also simple and straightforward, which makes the daunting task of venturing into the world of rotisserie cooking that much easier.

But in the unlikely event that you are met with problems in the installation process, you can rely on OneGrill for advice and assistance. Some companies may leave you in the lurch once they have secured the sale, but you can be assured that this won’t happen with OneGrill. Previous customers have attested that OneGrill personnel were extremely helpful when they were faced with issues regarding the set-up of their purchases. So not only are you buying a quality rotisserie kit, but you will also be getting the full backing of an established brand with capable staff. It is a truly a company that sincerely wants its customers to enjoy their products.

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