Smart Digital Meat Thermometer Review

Smart Digital Meat Thermometer 4

Imagine the embarrassment of overcooked or undercooked food?

The Smart Digital Meat Thermometer allows you to take the guesswork out of grilling and serve perfectly cooked food each time. It comes pre-programmed for several different foods including turkey, chicken, lamb, pork and beef and rare, medium rare, medium and well done doneness levels. This set and forget it style digital meat thermometer allows you to set your desired tenderness at the push of a button, and is claimed to be one of the best meat thermometers in the market.

Highlights of the Smart Digital Meat Thermometer

  • Four automatic meat tenderness options
  • Onsite large LED display
  • Five meat type options
  • Sturdy design
  • Extra long 15. Inch barbeque probe
  • Quick temperature reading with innovative Dual Probe Sensor Technology
  • Acquires temperature in eight to ten seconds
  • Beeps when food is ready
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More Reasons to buy the Smart Digital Meat Thermometer

Smart Digital Meat Thermometer 3The Smart Digital Meat Thermometer is appointed with a rather long probe at 15.9 inches to keep your hands safe while grilling burgers, steaks or even barbeque chicken. With its onsite Dual Probe sensor Technology, you get instant and accurate readings each time you use it. Simply insert the stainless steel lines into your food and the temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius on the large LED display within eight to ten seconds.

The display features a blue light, which comes on for roughly three seconds each time you press the power button. The thermometer lets off an audible beep so you don’t have to stand around the grill waiting for your food to cook, but can rather focus on other aspects of your party. Cleaning the thermometer is easy by simply using a paper towel to wipe the lines down after each use.

Preparing the Smart Digital Meat Thermometer for First Use

To start using the Smart Digital Meat Thermometer, first remove the plastic from the dual probe. Then use some water to rinse the probes and dry with a towel. Take note that the plastic casing of this thermometer is not waterproof so do not use water around it. After gently cleaning the thermometer, insert the included 2xAAA batteries in the rear of the instrument. Next, turn the thermometer on by simply pressing the ON/Off button and select your desired temperature scale by pressing the C/F button on the back of the device and located next to the battery slot.

Smart Digital Meat Thermometer Review

Measuring Temperature and Cleaning the Thermometer

To measure temperature, remove the protector from the probes, and turn on the thermometer by pressing the Meat On/Off button. Keep pressing the button until you reach the right meat type, and then select the desired tenderness by pressing the Taste button. Next, insert the steel part of the dual probe into the center/thickest part of the meat without letting the plastic surface touch the hot surface.

When the right temperature is reached, the thermometer will let out an audible beep and the light will start blinking. The thermometer is not dishwasher safe or waterproof so take extra caution when cleaning the device. Simply use soap and tap water only to clean the instrument and dry with a clean towel. The head case of the thermometer is made of plastic so to prevent circuit damage, do not leave it inside the meat when cooking.

Pros of the Smart Digital Meat Thermometer

  • Led display
  • Audible beep to let you know when food is cooked
  • Several pre-programmable options for different kinds of meat
  • Displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Long 15.9 inch barbeque meat probe
  • Acquires temperature quickly (8-10 seconds)
  • Sturdy design
  • Great Price

Cons of the Smart Digital Meat Thermometer

  • Not waterproof or dishwasher safe

Final Thoughts

The Smart Digital Meat Thermometer is easy to use even in low light conditions. Simply select your desired meat and level of doneness, insert the dual probes into the meat and wait for the beep when the food is perfectly cooked. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the Smart Digital Meat Thermometer is a great choice for novice as well as seasoned grilling enthusiasts.

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